1. REQUESTING AN ORDER: You may use the Platform to request hiring LEA JOE to place orders on your behalf directly with the furniture suppliers by adding the products you would like to purchase to your cart and checking out without payment. LEA JOE will respond to your request by email with the full price with a quotation including the final price of the Product along with any additional charges, discounts, transportation fees, applicable taxes and the supplier’s terms and conditions. To place your order you must follow the instructions presented on the quotation emailed to you. 

  2. PLACING AN ORDER: Once you have agreed to place your order, LEA JOE will email you a proforma invoice to be paid in advance in full before proceeding to place the order on your behalf with the Suppliers. In most instances the SUPPLIER will not commence production or shipment of your Order until Payment is received.

  3. ORDER FULFILMENT: By placing your order with LEA JOE, you are hiring LEA JOE to place the order for you directly with the suppliers. Your order will be fulfilled by the SUPPLIER you are purchasing from, not LEA JOE and they are responsible for all delivery and logistics. We cannot give any undertaking or warrant (nor will we provide any adjudication for) Products that are lost or damaged in transit.

  4. SALES CONTRACT: When you place an order with LEA JOE, you are hiring LEA JOE to purchase the orders on your behalf directly with the suppliers. LEA JOE will provide you all relevant information relating to the contract of sale with the supplier including without limitation the terms of business and delivery information, returns and cancellations policies, and information about how (if at all) they will use any of your personal data. They are not entitled to use your personal information for any other purposes except for delivery of the purchased Products. You acknowledge that by hiring LEA JOE to place the orders on your behalf that LEA JOE will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the SUPPLIER or any person, firm or company you have come into contact with through the product delivery. You will indemnify us against all costs, claims, damages and losses that may arise from the products delivered directly by the SUPPLIERS.

  5. LEAJOE BUYER SUPPORT: LEA JOE provides all customer service and is your first point of contact for cancellation, returns of any Orders and support in making sure any disputes between yourself and the SUPPLIERS are resolved.

  6. PAYMENTS: All payments must be made via bank transfers into the account listed on the proforma invoice emailed to you upon requesting to place your order.



  1. BOOKING: To go ahead with booking a creative service on the LEA JOE Platform, the Buyer must choose a service from the services listed at www.leajoe.com/book-online and make the payment by card online. The services booked by the Buyer are carried out by Lea Joe offline and are presented to the Buyer via e-mail communication to the email provided by the Buyer upon booking the service, as well as through online or on site meetings.

  2. CONTACT INFORMATION: The Buyer must provide LEA JOE with accurate and complete contact information when booking a creative service. Buyers must immediately notify LEA JOE if any of this information changes. By booking a service on the LEA JOE Platform, the buyer acknowledges that LEA JOE will not be liable for any losses or damages suffered by the Buyer for not having supplied LEA JOE with the correct contact information. You will indemnify LEA JOE against all costs, claims, damages and losses that may arise from not supplying LEA JOE with the correct contact information. To see how your personal information is collected and used please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  3. PAYMENTS: To book the service, the Buyer is directed to a payment page where the buyer is able to make electronic payments for the Booking through our secure payments provider Adyen. We are also able to accept bank transfers. Purchases made through Adyen are secure and protected. You can find Adyen’s Terms and Conditions here: https://docs.adyen.com/legal/terms-conditions

  4. SERVICE TERMINATION: Creative bookable services booked through the LEA JOE Online Bookings platform at www.leajoe.com/book-online can be cancelled and refunded up to 24 hours of the start date. Once a booked service has started, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.



  1. CONTRACT AND WORK SCHEDULE: Once the Buyer has booked a creative service with LEA JOE, LEA JOE will email the buyer a contract to be signed by the buyer along with a detailed work schedule of the project via email detailing the work that will be carried out and provisional completion deadlines.

  2. COMMUNICATION: All creative services work and progress will be communicated by e-mail and presented via a PDF proposal to the buyer during business hours between 9am and 6pm. Buyers can expect to receive communication and work progress from LEA JOE every 1-2 days.

  3. COMPLETION DEADLINES: Meeting the provisional deadlines depends entirely on the workload of the brief and promptness of communication between LEA JOE and the Buyer. The quicker LEA JOE and the Buyer sign off on each stage of the project the more likely the specified completion deadlines will be met. The buyer acknowledges that by hiring LEA JOE for Creative Services that LEA JOE will not be liable for any losses or damages suffered by the Buyer for not having met any provisional completion deadlines. You will indemnify us against all costs, claims, damages and losses that may arise from not meeting any provisional deadlines.

  4. REVISIONS: All Creative Services include 3 design revisions. Any additional design revisions requested by the Buyer are charged hourly or daily and must be booked additionally by the Buyer through our Online Bookings Platform as a separate order.

  5. PROJECT COMPLETION: Upon completing the project LEA JOE will hand over all final project files to the Buyer via email.