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At Léa Joe, we want to ensure that all the details that make your brand, you, are firmly held in place. That’s why we pay equal attention to all the elements that make up your visual identity.


We undertake your commercial project from branding to interior to provide your customers with a refined and cohesive experience.


Our direct involvement in the direction of your visuals equips your brand with the consistency and calibre it needs to develop strong recognition within your industry and among your clientele.


Storytelling and literature are part of our creative process and represent the core of our branding methods. We focus on expressing the unique story behind your business to achieve a captivating essence of authenticity.

When designing your brand, we choose materials, colours and finishes that aim to predict the overall brand experience; always in a subtle and elegant way that allows for the visuals to speak for themselves.


Our approach to commercial interiors is all about integrating the science, artistic design and functionality of the space. We find passion in crafting not only how spaces look but how they make someone feel. With that in mind, we consider how people can operate within and enjoy the space.


Every detail of the customer experience is thought about, from walkways to lighting and ambiance. We also take into consideration any codes and building regulations in your project, to ensure that your commercial space is safe and up to standards.


When designing your interior, we aim to carry your visual identity all the way through to the smallest details. These details are the backdrop to your brand and the subtle touches that complete your story.


At Léa Joe, we work with a variety of global premium suppliers to source the right furnishings for your brand, from custom made furniture such as seating benches and tables, to the smaller details like accessories and cutlery.

Our team is on hand to source your products at the best price and will liaise with our suppliers on your behalf to ensure smooth on-time deliveries.


We understand that each commercial space is unique and has its own functionalities, so it’s important for us to make your space as practical as possible and tailored to your users specific needs. At Léa Joe, we are able to manufacture bespoke high quality functional pieces, such as bar counters and seating areas, in our own workshop.


We work with various luxury finishes, from liquid metal and designer coverings, to beautifully finished hardwood and surface materials to create the perfect piece for your project. Having access to our own small team of skilled craftsmen will help keep your budget in check by cutting down on some of the costs of outsourcing.



Our exclusive partnership with the printing company Shadow On Thames allows us to complete your project right through to the printing details. We are able to source your shop front, signs and printed materials and any installation services required at prices exclusive to our trade only.


Our complete package helps you adhere to a fixed budget and saves you valuable time spent on admin and suppliers, so you can focus on what matters most, launching your business.

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